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The Southernmost Seventh-day Adventist Church was officially organized on May 25, 1918 with 21 members. This was a result of tent meetings held that spring by Elder John Green. Before that time, the family of Ludie Reid met with several others in the Reid home for services. A few weeks after organizing, the services were held at the Odd Fellows Hall on Thomas Street. In 1919, a storm blew the hall down and the services were held at the Douglass School Auditorium.

It wasn't long before the members decided to find a building of their own, so a church building drive was started and monies were raised to purchase a house on Southard Street for $750. Services were held there and the house was remodeled in 1932 to include more classrooms in the rear.

After World War II broke out, the US Government enlarged the area which is now called Truman Annex. This forced the church to move and property was found on Thomas Street, its current location, in 1942. 

During these years, there was no full-time pastor in Key West to serve the church, pastors from the mainland, more than 100 miles away, would come down as much as possible to conduct services and provide pastoral care. In 1953, Elder Oscar Gunn, with his new bride, Ruth, moved from Missouri to Key West and thus filled a needed position of local church elder. 

Over the years until 1958, there were 4 tent meetings to share the Gospel in large public evangelism. It was reported that there were 37 members in '58, despite the ebb and flow of Navy Adventists to and from the island. 

In 1960, a church school was established, running until 1969. 

Over the years, the church has grown and shrunk in membership as people have joined, moved in, moved out or passed away. We still have a membership in the 30's and still use the services of a District Pastor from the mainland along with leadership from our local Elders.  


The Southernmost Seventh-day Adventist Church invites and welcomes seekers of God and Bible truth from all corners of the globe. We have members and worshippers from many nations and cultures. Our mission is to share God's love and the great news of His Son, Jesus Christ, who died to pay for our sins that we may live eternally as God's children. We seek to ease the burdens of others, to share in the laughter and tears felt by all and to show a better way of living through education and example. Our church is a home for sinners wanting to grow in grace and reflect the character of God. 


Along with the more than 16 million members of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist family of believers looking for Christ's Second Coming, we hold to these truths, as aptly stated on the Main Adventist Website. Even more information can be found on our Adventist Links page.

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